(Saignée-Process) Rose’ Wine from Cabernet Grapes

Saignée: A French term meaning literally “to bleed,” the saignée process in wine making refers to the process of bleeding or pulling juice from a tank of ‘red must’ that is just beginning fermentation. The goal is that the lightly-colored juice that is bled out of the tank produces a darker rosé …

Our Roads2WallaWalla ‘Hosted’ Wine, Hard-Cider, Cheese & Chocolates tasting experience includes a stop at the Johnson Ridge Winery to taste this ‘unique’ Rose’ wine & more … On our ‘Free-Style’ tasting day-experience, we suggest including a Johnson Ridge stop on the ‘create-your-own’ day itinerary …

Even for those that do not book one of our Roads2WallaWalla tasting experiences, we suggest that you visit the Johnson Ridge Winery to taste this ‘unique’ Rose’ from Cabernet grapes when you come to Walla Walla …

~~~~~ Perfect Compliment to an Alaska Cruise!!! ~~~~~


If you’ve booked yourself on an Alaska Cruise and your itinerary includes a day trip to Seattle, you’ll probably find on your excursion to the Emerald city that one day is not nearly enough! Home of the Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and the Puget Sound. Famously framed by the scenic backdrop of Mt. Rainier and the snow-dusted Cascade Mountains, Seattle is alive with culture, history, cuisine, and nature. To be experienced to its fullest, just like fine wine, Seattle and Washington state are most enjoyable when savored.
Washington state itself is an area to behold. It is truly gifted with stunningly diverse ecological and geographical landscapes, numerous national landmarks especially those of maritime significance, and a highly developed and bountiful wine industry (second only behind California in the production of wine). With rolling vineyards and vivid landscapes set amongst serene waterways, it’s not an area that can simply be seen in a few hours. That’s why you may be interested in a finely curated tour that perfectly compliments your pre-cruise or post-cruise extension.
InquisiTours offers a unique range of multi-night tours that proudly show the best-kept secrets of the greater Pacific Northwest Region. Catered tours that make travel comfortable, carefree and efficient, a wonderful way to see and sample the best of the region. Choose from a range of tours, designed to suit curious minds, discerning palates and customized departure dates. An Alaska Cruise from Seattle can be just the beginning of your adventure with InquisiTours !!!


This unique ranch is made up of over 140,000 acres of deeded and leased National Forest and BLM lands in and surrounding Silvies Valley Oregon. Of the over 60 square miles of deeded property, there are 6,000 acres of mountain meadows, 14,000 acres of Ponderosa Pine forest, 20 miles of the Silvies River, over 20 named creeks and drainages, kids, cowboys, Quarter Horses and our own special breed of Heritage beef, as well as native Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, sage hen, grouse, quail, black bear, cougar, coyotes, bobcats, badgers, porcupines, beaver, martins, river otters, hawks, eagles, cranes, swans, geese, ducks, numerous songbirds, Red Band Trout, crawfish and frogs, among other residents.


Come with the Roads2 Travel Company to experience the 35th Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in LaConner, Washington. Experience the breathtaking colors and beauty of the tulip fields, migrating geese and display gardens at both RoozenGaarde Bulb Company and Tulip Town. In addition to the tulips, we take you the Seeds Bistro for a ‘hosted’ lunch, a tour of the Skagit Valley Historical Museum & the opportunity to explore (with discount shopping coupons) a favorite Pacific Northwest getaway, the quaint town of LaConner.

Arrive by car LaConner with free-reserved parking … Arrive by Amtrak Cascades from the Seattle & Vancouver, BC areas for pickup at the Mount Vernon train station. Arrive by boat for pickup at the LaConner Marina. A final stop for train adventurers is the Swinomish Casino before Amtrak returns.

When visiting the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, Make It Unique, Make It a Memory with the Roads2 Travel Company.

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