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Daniel Allen writes – A weekend in Hanoi might not seem long, but cherry-pick your attractions and the discerning traveler can easily sample the essence of Vietnam’s bustling, tourist-friendly capital in 48 hours … Less brash than southerly Saigon, this is a city that celebrates culture, cuisine and the quieter, more cerebral side of urban life … Hanoi’s time-honored neighborhoods boast a unique dynamism where ancient and modern mingle on the ever-vibrant streets … Cafes occupy sidewalks as pedestrians compete with diners, chefs, vendors and gossiping neighbors for control of alleyways and footpaths … An eclectic range of foreign influences have left their mark on life in this unique metropolis … From baguettes and Chinese dumplings to Sino-Vietnamese temples and colonial churches, compressing 1,000 years of history into two days isn’t easy … But it is fun …

Sampling cuisine is always a high point in any Hanoi itinerary … Today the Vietnamese capital is a street-snacker’s paradise with a smorgasbord of options for those who want to eat like the natives … In fact, many swear that the best food in Hanoi is found on the sidewalks …

Of these, ‘pho’ is probably the most famous and should certainly be included on any visitor’s menu …Coffee lovers will also find a great cup of java on the streets …for the real Hanoi deal, walk to Hang Gai and turn left, grab a seat on the sidewalk, and order the nation’s most famous drink (ca phe sua mong) … Sweet and strong with the consistency of molasses …

Traveler John adds from the Roads2 Travel Company … don’t miss the Old Quarter of Hanoi …



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